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Towson Volleyball Academy
All on campus camps have been cancelled for the Summer of 2020

At Towson Volleyball Academy,
there is no substitute for hard work and practice.

Our Ultimate goal is to improve your sports performance,
getting you “game-ready” for greatness!

We emphasize that playing the sport of volleyball is the best way to educate the muscles about specific movements and physical requirements that are called upon while competing. Each time you compete, you are building muscle memory.

“I expect that each and every time our players touch the ball they get stronger, not only physically but mentally, and that we touch the ball for a purpose every second we’re on the court. No matter whether it is during warm-ups, individual, small group, or six on six instruction, every individual will recognize that she will make the team great today, and even better tomorrow.”

-Don Metil

TVA Program

The TVA program incorporates technology and insight into kinetics, performance nutrition, training component combinations (weight-training, plyometrics and sport specific skills/fundamentals), and overall volleyball skill development.

TVA recognizes the value of playing volleyball as an effective way to train the muscles and nervous system (muscle-memory).

Where TVA makes an impact is supplementing your play with the right workouts/drills in the correct sequence, thus allowing you to achieve results and improve at the fastest rates possible.

The difference between where you are and where you want to be!

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SECU Arena

7500 Osler Drive, Towson MD
and follow event roadway signage
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Don Metil


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